How We Work for You

Each year, the Minnesota Builders Exchange receives bidding information on over 5,000 projects in Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, Iowa and Wisconsin…all included with membership! 

MBEX Project Reporters: Serving Members
Our staff of reporters take pride in providing project information (addenda, bidders lists, bid results) and vital industry resources in a timely manner. We work behind the scenes, striving to achieve our goal of making our organization useful to our members. We have tailored our services, including our online plan room, to fit the needs of many types of companies involved with the construction industry.

General contractors

General contractors use our services to save time and money searching for projects leads, subcontractors, suppliers and manufacturers. Our plan rooms provide general contractors with the means to streamline their internal bidding information systems. Generals control their position in the bidding process through a digital system that allows for easy access to construction documents, the addition and monitoring of their company on bidders lists, as well as the creation of invitations to bid.


Subcontractors compile their bids using our state-of-the-art reporting system. We have perfected our online plan room to allow the fastest and most comprehensive searches and updates, allowing members to quickly find and track important bidding opportunities and related construction documents. Our organization takes pride in sharing complete project information in a timely manner— from addenda, plans and specifications to bidders lists and bid results. Our services directly help subcontractors obtain access to thousands of projects with lists of bidding generals, establishing a foundation for current and future growth within the industry.

Suppliers and Manufacturers

Suppliers and Manufacturers rely on our services and pre-established network to retain important information on upcoming bidding opportunities and to promote their products to the industry. Our system provides vital construction documents and a digital keyword search to keep track of products and services. For over 130 years, we have worked to establish a network of architects, owners, contractors and suppliers. In addition to the pursuit of relevant project information, suppliers and manufacturers promote their products and services through visual advertisements and product listings.