Membership + Plan Room Features


Save valuable time and money

Easy Membership = no time wasted on figuring out pricing levels, contracts or paperwork.
Complete a membership application, selecting one of two levels of access to our Online Plan Room. Our staff takes care of the rest— from setting up your membership, assisting with the creation of specialized filters to find projects of interest and educating your company about additional member benefits.

Unrestricted Access = no need to pay for multiple licenses or memberships.
All employees of a member company is eligible (and highly encouraged) to take part in our organization and take advantage of our offered services and programming, from accessing plans inside the Online Plan Room to event participation. 

No-Limit Project Information = no extra charges, regardless of bidding phase, size or location of project.
If we post it, you see it! It's key to remember the level of access you'll have from project to project is dependent on the chosen level of plan room access.


A “project peace of mind”

Trusted Reporters = no missing out on vital project information.
Our staff is trained to track down and post all data and correlating construction documents in a timely manner.

A Library of Information = know the full story of a project.
Follow projects and project leads through the planning, design, bidding and results phases.

A Database for Knowledgeable Bids = know the people.
Our Online Plan Room provides updated bidder and plan holder lists with contact information, which is useful in submitting construction bids and furthering your company's exposure within the construction network.

Your Foundation for Future Bids = know the numbers.
Projects in our plan room are “closed-out” once we receive low bidders and contract awards. 


Easy and convenient collection of construction leads and bids

Personalized Searches =no missing out on projects of interest.
Generate project filters that will function as real-time searches and provide updates on new project leads daily.

Custom Project Sorting = taking control of projects.
Members can prioritize their workload by either hiding or tracking projects as they appear in search results.

Email Reports = saving time chasing down project leads and updates.
Our nightly emails and Weekly Bulletin publication provide real-time addenda alerts and nightly updates for your specific personalized searches, highlighting new project data that includes bidders list updates, bid results, and changes in addenda, specs and plans.