Who We Are + What We Do

The Minnesota Builders Exchange (MBEX) is a nonprofit trade association with a mission of helping its members grow their businesses through the exchange of plans, the sharing of knowledge and the creation of powerful industry connections.

The Exchange has a vision of a vibrant and including construction industry that collaboratively, safely and sustainable builds Minnesota communities. Through its industry-leading digital plan room, the Exchange creates efficiency in bidding for more than 4,000 projects annually.

Since 1888, our builders exchange has existed for the sole purpose of assisting our member companies and their employees via first, a physical plan room, and presently, an online plan room where our team of reporters share projects currently bidding in Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, Iowa and Wisconsin (and yes, all five states and their projects are included with membership). 

How can MBEX serve you and your business? Find out how.

What Our Members Are Saying

It's giving us access to a variety of ways to get our name out there whether it be through advertising, face to face events or other programs they have developed. 

— Joel Almquist, Scaffold Service

We've been a member of the builders exchange ever since we've been in existence. We support MBEX because its values are very similar to the ones that we find important: integrity to its members, support of the community and having fun at work.

— Russ Reger, Dem-Con Companies LLC

The plan room is an indespensible part of our plan review process. The online plan room is helpful for viewing addenda printing our some of the plans we review.

— Dan Dufek, K M H Erectors Inc

Part of being in business and developing a relationship is getting to know people outside of work... There are so many of our customers that also use this resource, so it's a good chance to be able to connect with them. 

— Joel Almquist, Scaffold Service

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