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What is the Minnesota Builders Exchange?

We are a library for the construction industry.

Our staff reports on over 5,000 projects annually, saving our members the time it takes to track down bidding documents and construction leads.

What project information does MBEX provide?

Approximately 85% of our projects are publically-funded commercial projects.

We attempt to provide all bidding documents to projects we currently have on file, including specifications, drawings/blueprints, addenda, bidders lists and bid results. In addition to bidding documents, we supply our members with prebid information, architect/owner contacts, scope of work and estimated costs.

How does MBEX obtain project information?

All project information is received from trusted sources.

As a long-time presence within the construction industry, MBEX has created relationships with architects, engineers and project owners. As a result of these relationships, MBEX is often listed as a default planholder. Our staff also follows numerous print publications, websites and other industry resources. Our own research, along with the projects we are provided, has allowed MBEX to provide project information to our members for over 130 years.

What does membership include?

Membership with MBEX includes access to our online and physical plan rooms. 

In addition to project information, membership also includes exclusive members-only publications, our member/networking eventsadvertising opportunities and more.

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What's the difference between Basic and Premium online plan room access?

Basic Access =  Project Information
Premium Access = Project Information + Bidding Documents

Members with Basic Access can view all project information. Members with Premium Access pay extra to be able to view actual bidding documents in addition to project information.

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What does membership cost?

All members of the Minnesota Builders Exchange pay annual dues of $420.

When broken down, here with what pricing looks like:

- Membership + Basic Access = $420
- Membership + Premium Access = $1,260 (annually)

All memberships include Basic Access along with other member benefits. Members may upgrade to Premium Access at any point. Premium Access is $70/month and is pro-rated based on the month a member company joins. Optional services, such as advertising and event sponsorships, are available upon request.

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How does MBEX compare to other companies offering the same or similar services?

MBEX offers the most cost-effective option with the highest level of quality.

Many companies in the industry pay thousands of dollars annually to obtain project information from national for-profit services. MBEX, as a non-profit, provides stable pricing for our services, including membership dues that have not increased since 1999!

Most national services that compare to MBEX charge by territory.  At MBEX, all project information, regardless of location, is provided to our members at no extra cost. 

Competitors of MBEX rarely offer proper support. MBEX staff provides responsive customer service that allows for one-on-one member assistance. Our number one goal is to provide the best services to our member companies.