Membership Benefits

When You Join, You Own It.

"Member-based" means that you own your membership, and ensure your company is making the most of your annual dues.

Our wide array of benefits to our member companies and their employees reaches further than just our optimal project information.


Connecting Industry Trends

The Minnesota Builders Exchange provides our members with the most current industry information.


member directory and advertising publication

Buyers Guide + Membership Directory

Our annual print and digital publication reaches thousands within the construction industry. Our directory includes useful listings of members and their paid CSI and Trade Name listings as well as advertisements of their businesses. It also includes a directory of industry organizations and firms supporting our organization. A printed edition is mailed to all member companies, plus over 300 local architects, engineers and agencies, with an online edition available to the general public.

Current Members: Promote your business and its services using the Buyers Guide + Membership Directory contract form, emailed to all member companies in August. Changes will appear on November invoice.

New Members: Interested in advertising in our next directory publication? Email our Membership + Communications Manager for the most up-to-date rate sheet.


member directory and advertising publication

Weekly Bulletin

Distributed every Tuesday night exclusively to members via email, this indispensable publication includes construction industry and MBEX news, plus the most current listing of projects available to our members via our physical and online plan rooms.


member directory and advertising publication

MBEX Blueprint magazine

The MBEX Blueprint magazine dives headfirst into our world of commercial construction, member news, and then some, packed with articles that are as insightful as they are entertaining. We have the latest topics from construction trends to member profiles and tips on how to utilize your membership to its fullest.

The MBEX Blueprint isn't just a magazine; it's our members front-row ticket to the construction scene. 


member directory and advertising publication

Pre-Plan Pipeline

The Pre-Plan Pipeline is a monthly newsletter available exclusively to our members with Premium Access services. It contains projects that have been proposed, approved, or are heading into the design-build stage across Minnesota, helping our members track potential leads and future projects.


Spread Your Company's Word

All members are invited and encouraged to promote their products, services and achievements.Target your message directly to the industry via print, online and at our events.

Trade Listings (inside the Buyers Guide + Membership Directory)

  • Listings by CSI number(s): $13/each
  • Trade Name listings by product(s): $7/each

Every August, MBEX emails the contract for the next Buyers Guide + Membership Directory to all member companies. Complete the form and return it to us by its deadline (typically the end of September). 

  • Listings appear in the next printing of the Directory
  • Trade Names/CSI Search is a public, searchable database of listings (currently being updated and is unavailable)


Display Banner Ads

  • Promote your company with a banner advertisement: $500 annually

Displayed in a variety of locations, banner ads offer the most cost-effective means of advertising— digitally and in print:

  • Our website's homepage features sponsors and their ads. Every time you visit or refresh the page, the ad changes.
  • Inside the Weekly Bulletin on each project information page
  • Printed inserts in the Buyers Guide + Membership Directory
  • Ad inclusion online on our Sponsors page with click-thru link



We can help with posting and sharing the following types of notices in our Weekly Bulletin:

  • Help Wanted | For Sale | Work Wanted ads - $10 each x number of weeks run. For example, an ad run inside the Weekly Bulletin for four weeks would cost $40.
  • Minority Notices - $10 per week per number of weeks run OR $200 per year for unlimited ad placement. 

Ads and Minority Notices are also posted to the Classifieds page at no extra charge.

Here’s how to get started: Contact our Membership & Communications Manager, Ashlee, at 612-381-2631 or

We also share company news and announcements to MBEX members and non-members alike. There is no charge to share your good news; all you need to do is share it with us.


Our Events are Exclusive.

The Minnesota Builders Exchange is proud of its tradition of providing our member companies and their employees with numerous opportunities to connect with each other. Our events are widely-popular and highly-attended. 


  • Register to attend any of our networking, social, and educational events
  • Volunteer to help out at an upcoming event
  • Check out the 2023 events calendar and save the date(s)!


  • Get your company in front of a new audience -- whether you're attending the event or not
  • Sponsorship dollars help support our scholarships and future events
  • Sponsors are recognized at the event, in the Weekly Bulletin, social media, and more.

Event Committee

  • Join our committee to help MBEX plan events (and how many events you assist in planning is up to you)
  • Committee members attend events for free
  • Gain recognition for your company by volunteering your time

Get Involved

Be Known. Be Seen. Be Heard.

In addition to utiziling project information, advertising your company's services and attending events, employees of our member companies find value in other aspects of our organization:

Give Yourself a Voice

An Office Away From Office

  • Members are welcome to visit our phyiscal Plan Room any time between the hours of 8:00am-3:00pm on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays.
  • Members can also request use of our conference room for meetings (subject to MBEX scheduling).

Keep Growing Your Network

  • Attend MBEX events to network and socialize. Trust us when we say we know how to have a good time!
  • Visit our website regularly, especially our News and Events pages. New short articles, event updates, and fun finds are posted once a week.
  • Follow us on social media: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram. Best done when taking a mental break from work.
  • Share your company news. Email it to for inclusion in the Weekly Bulletin, the MBEX Blueprint, or on the website.
  • Advertise your company's services in the annual Buyers + Membership Directory, on our website, and in the Weekly Bulletin. Be seen by 1,000+ industry professionals = your ideal audience.