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Projects | Online Plan Room

Project Update: 7/28/2021

posted on 07.28.2021

Total Projects Received at MBEX from 7/19-7/23: 84

Total Project Leads Reported at MBEX from 7/19-7/23: 14

Total Active Projects Received/Reported at MBEX as of 7/27: 231

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25th Annual Sporting Clays Fundraiser

posted on 07.27.2021

The 2021 Sporting Clays Fundraiser will take place on Thursday, August 5, 2021 at Game Unlimited in Hudson, WI.

This annual event includes a sporting clays shoot, lunch, dinner and awards. Members attend this event to mingle with others in the industry AND show support for our scholarship program via sponsorship and donations.

Event Fee: $150

This event also supports the Minnesota Builders Exchange Scholarship, which is a special fund set up by the Exchange to award scholarships to individuals for educational purposes in a field directly-related to the construction industry. Since 2003, the MBEX Scholarship Committee has reviewed over 300 scholarship applications. We are proud of our ongoing tradition of supporting the future of the construction industry. See recent and past scholarship receipients here

Projects | Online Plan Room

Project Update: 7/19-7/23

posted on 05.25.2021

Total projects received: 84
Total project leads reported on: 14
Total active projects: 237

Projects | Online Plan Room

Filters: mbex.org

posted on 05.25.2021

Many members find the ability of setting up filters to search through projects a great way to save time. However, when utilizing this tool there are a few things to keep in mind to come up with better results. If filtering projects using a keyword(s), specify whether or not you want to set up a search using the SAM search utility (search through the whole spec book) or a search of only the specification index. To bring up better results with a CSI number, search for a division as a whole instead of entering an exact spec number. For example, type in 09 to bring up all projects with specifications that contain any combination of numbers within division nine. Also, keep in mind that there is no limit to how many filters can be made, so keep each one simple, and do more than one!