Supporting Construction's Future Workforce

Embarking on a career within the construction and building industry presents both incredible opportunities and significant challenges. In recognition of this dynamic landscape, the Minnesota Builders Exchange (MBEX) and its partner, The Builders Group Education Foundation, wants to support and empower the next generation of industry leaders and innovators.

MBEX wants to award multiple scholarships ranging in value from $500 - $5,000* to future carpenters, electricians, HVAC specialists, masons, tilers, elevator technicians, plumbers, utility workers, and all specialized trades workers, as well as construction managers, construction engineers, estimators, and construction administration students.

In addition to the cash scholarship prize, MBEX will also provide complimentary invitations to all MBEX-sponsored social events and educational opportunities to scholarship winners.

*MBEX reserves the right to adjust the number and monetary values of its awarded scholarships.


Submit Your Application

We are no longer accepting applications for the 2024-2025 MBEX / TBG Construction Scholarship (the deadline was May 31, 2024).

The online portal for the 2025-2026 MBEX / TBG Construction Scholarship will open in March / April 2025. Please watch this page for further details as they become available.


2024-2025 Application Review Process

The review process will be as follows:

• The MBEX Scholarship Review Committee will review and score all qualified applications in early June 2024.

• The Scholarship Committee will then meet (also in June 2024) to discuss applicants, choose awardees, and determine awarded dollar amounts.

• All applicants will be notified the second week of July 2024 if they are receiving a scholarship or not.



Questions regarding the 2024 - 2025 MBEX / TBG Construction Scholarships can be directed to Ashlee at or (612) 381-2631 during regular MBEX business hours.


2024-2025 Scholarship Eligibility
To qualify for an MBEX / TBG Construction Scholarship, applicants must be:

• Pursuing a construction-related field of study at an accredited post-secondary educational institution, be it at a trade school, a two-year technical or community college, or four-year university.

• Entering the Fall 2024 semester as a freshman, sophomore, or junior. Students completing their degree beyond the traditional four years may also be eligible to apply.

• Studying at said accredited post-secondary institution in Minnesota, Iowa, North Dakota, South Dakota, or Wisconsin.

• Maintaining a GPA of 2.5 or higher.

• Possess a strong passion for the construction and building industry.

• In agreeance to attend a minimum of ONE MBEX-sponsored event within the Fall 2024, Spring 2025, or Summer 2025 semesters. For applicants awarded a scholarship who live outside of Minnesota, further conversation will be had with MBEX staff.

Previous scholarship recipients are more than welcome to reapply if they meet the scholarship criteria and are not entering their final semester of study. 


College & Universities

Help spread the word and share this financial opportunity with your students. Link to this page on your school or organization's website using

You can also download and share the 2024-2025 MBEX / TBG Construction Scholarship packet.






Past Scholarship Recipients

Since 2003, the MBEX Scholarship Committee has awarded 140 scholarships for a total of $285,000. We are proud of our ongoing tradition of support to the future of the construction industry.

Here are past MBEX / TBG scholarship recipients:


Since 2003, the Minnesota Builders Exchange Scholarship Fund has awarded over $200,000 in scholarships to students seeking an education directly related to the construction industry.

What Our Members Are Saying

It's giving us access to a variety of ways to get our name out there whether it be through advertising, face to face events or other programs they have developed. 

— Joel Almquist, Scaffold Service

We've been a member of the builders exchange ever since we've been in existence. We support MBEX because its values are very similar to the ones that we find important: integrity to its members, support of the community and having fun at work.

— Russ Reger, Dem-Con Companies LLC

The biggest benefit to being a MBEX member is the convenience of being able to come to the same place every day rather than driving hundreds of miles every week to various general contractor offices to do the same time. Being a member saves both time and money.

— Matt Packer, Hinrichs Estimating

Having services frees us up to do other things like manage our business and bid more work. At the end of the day, it's all about money going out and money coming in and the builders exchange helps us save money. 

— Heather Grazzini-Sims, Carciofini Company

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