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The Minnesota Builders Exchange has thrived for over 130 years as a direct result of the relationships harbored with the design community— relationships we strive to develop and nurture on a daily basis. MBEX provides members with accurate project information shared directly from the bidding documents supplied to us by our local design community.

MBEX serves the design community.

The sole purpose of our organization is to provide the vital connection between architects, engineers and owners with potential bidders— establishing a transparent platform for the competitive bidding process.

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By sharing your projects with MBEX, you keep our organization thriving.

Our project process at no cost.
Send MBEX your project FREE OF CHARGE.

Save reprographic and advertising costs on projects! 
For each project, our staff of reporters:

  • clearly relay necessary project information pulled directly from your bidding documents
  • make the project accessible to our 1,200+ member companies via our physical and online plan rooms
  • update projects with addenda, bidders lists and bid results
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