Helping Educate Our Future Workforce

To encourage continued industry growth, the Minnesota Builders Exchange Scholarship Fund awards scholarships annually to college and technical school students in construction related fields

In 2014, with the help of a new donating partner, The Builders Group (TBG), the MBEX Scholarship Fund was able to reach further in helping show the importance of educating our future workforce.


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Application deadline: May 31, 2016.

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Previous Scholarship Recipients

2015-2016 Scholarship Announcement

2014-2015 Scholarship Announcement

2013-2014 Scholarship Announcement

Scholarship Fund

Since 2003, the Minnesota Builders Exchange Scholarship Fund has awarded over $125,000 in scholarships to students seeking an education directly related to the construction industry.

What Our Members Are Saying

The MBEX plan room saves me from driving all over town to track down projects!

— Kat Traxler, Bartley Sales Co Inc

The biggest benefit to being a MBEX member is the convenience of being able to come to the same place every day rather than driving hundreds of miles every week to various general contractor offices to do the same time.  Being a member saves both time and money.

— Matt Packer, Prindle Painting

We have used MBEX for a number of years. We have found that MBEX has the best coverage for the state of MN and their actives reach well into other states. Statistically, MBEX accounts for 81% of business leads while the other exchanges added a different set of projects that added up to 19%.  We have a mutually beneficial relationship with MBEX and applaud the work that they do.

— Greg Korpi, Distributor Sales

It's important to recognize a transforming business opportunity when it happens; especially when it makes such a difference to a company's business performance and particularly its wellbeing and success. MBEX, supported by its enthusiastic and dynamic staff, is a standout example of just how business should work. Through the collective efforts of their staff; our company has exposure to countless opportunities, all of which are updated multiple times a day and immediately available for our review.

What the Exchange provides for an affordable yearly fee would be (near) impossible to secure or afford on our own. I strongly recommend the MBEX to any supplier or contractor eager to take their company to the next level of contract procurement. It's real-time, real simple, fast and easy to use. Thank you for the great service you provide us each and everyday.

— Tim Haubrich, Solid LLC

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